Mobile Apps application developmentMobile Apps: a new technological frontier

Since last 5 years, the phenomenon that has caught everyone’s attention is the rise of Mobile apps. They are everywhere and it has transformed the smartphone industry in numerous ways. All major corporate companies have come up with the mobile app versions of their software products. With billions of people using using smartphones every day, having a mobile presence in today’s times is extremely vital. To help you get a good mobile app, there are numerous mobile application development companies out there. But you need to pick the right one correctly.

Combine the power of the web to your finger tips! Mobile apps are highly useful web-based apps offering videos, photos, news, games, live sports scores, social networking, and location based information.

Over a billion smartphones are in use worldwide, with some studies predicting that mobile web usage will overtake desktop usage by 2014. Already half of all local searches are performed on mobile devices.

Is your website optimized for those billion mobile users? When viewed on an iPhone or Android phone, does it look like a colorful mess?

Custom Creative builds websites and themes that automatically adapt to any device. On a desktop computer, your website will look big and bold. On a small mobile phone screen, it will be crisp, fast, and easy to navigate, with lots of small touches gained from years of experience.

Using elements of responsive web design, we can craft your website to automagically look and function great, whether on a 30″ mega-screen, a tiny Blackberry, an Internet-connected toaster, or anything in between. And for a fraction of the cost of an app. Talk to us about it today!