social mediaDoes it seem like these days everyone’s “liking,” “tweeting,” “following,” “tagging,” “streaming,” “sharing,” or joining the blogosphere? Are you feeling the pressure to jump on the social media bandwagon … but concerned that you don’t have enough information or expertise to do it properly? Don’t stress about it! We’ll show you how to take full advantage of social media’s strengths, easily incorporate a social media program into your organization’s marketing strategy, and join the rest of the interactive online business community.

No social media experience? No problem!

That’s what we’re here for. Custom Creative will teach you everything you need to know about social media and give you hands on training. Ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work?

Here’s some of what we’ll cover:

  • Learn to choose the platforms that best fit your organization’s marketing needs (Facebook?TwitterYouTubeLinkedInGoogle+?)
  • Gain stellar strategies for developing a well-thought-out marketing plan that incorporates the most effective platforms
  • Create a launch checklist and rollout timetable
  • Find ways to monitor your plan’s effectiveness by measuring results and determining ROI
  • Evaluate your plan based on results in order to maintain the status quo or change gears to ensure greater success