Custom Creative is passionate about creating the most visually stunning and powerful videos for our clients. We take pride in making video and crafting storytelling messaging that sets our clients apart from their competitors, that brings value to their companies, and makes their audiences watch in awe. Our in-house team have invested their entire career developing strategies and producing video, because that’s what they love. We take the time to make sure our client’s video is properly polished and elegantly crafted so it can become the well-honed tool it needs to be.

Example 30 Second YouTube Video Ad for Adwords

Video production begins well before we hit record. We have a unique advantage when it comes to video: strategy, implementation, and analytics. All of this, combined with top-notch production methods, staff, and equipment insures your communication needs are met. We are a cohesive team, continuing our think-tank paradigm, to bring multiple dimensions to the videos we create. Our work doesn’t end in the edit room, a successful campaign needs proper exposure. From media buying, to video SEO and social media we are the one-stop-shop for all of your video and marketing needs. By keeping all stages of media production and distribution under one roof our clients get a better outcome at a more economical price-point.

Video builds brands, conveys lifestyle, generates leads, and quickly turns prospects into customers. Video is more than moving images, it’s the ability to motivate, evoke emotion, communicate complex ideas, and build relationships with customers … share stories. Over one-fourth of all time spent online is consuming video content. Smartphones overtook tablets for online video streaming in December 2012, and usage has doubled since. Custom Creative excels at video optimization and video integration with mobile devices.

Our Video Services

  • YouTube Video Advertising
  • Branding/Identity/Culture
  • Website/Homepage Background Video
  • Television
  • Content Marketing
  • Product Demonstration
  • Informational/Tutorial
  • Testimonials/Success Stories
  • Press Kits
  • Education/Training
  • Web Advertising
  • Training
  • Sales Aids
  • Trade Show Displays
  • Internal Communication
  • Event Coverage/Conferences
  • Logo Animation and Motion Typography
  • Social Video Training
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Database-Driven Subtitling

Our High-End Video Gear

While we don’t hide behind expensive equipment, we’ve invested heavily in video production equipment as a means to better serve our clients. We use the latest cameras, sound equipment, lighting, and rigging to deliver the cinematic style content that your audience expects when viewing professional video. Combined with concise storytelling, our images leap off the screen. From the beginning of the creative process through the final edit, you can count on us listening, adapting, and molding our expertise to expertly deliver on, and exceed, your expectations.

Content + Strategy, Under the Same Roof

Custom Creative is in the unique position to offer a boutique video production service while simultaneously factoring in strategy, distribution, promotion, SEO, and analytics to ensure the success of video campaigns in conjunction with your existing marketing efforts.

Contact us today and let’s make some amazing media.